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The Difference Between Pagodas and Pergolas and How to Choose

Pagodas and Pergolas: What Is the Difference? Both pagodas and pergolas provide airy, open-sided sheltered areas for your outdoor living space. There are key differences in style that may make one better suited than the other to the look you want for your outdoor area. What’s the Difference Between Pagodas and Pergolas? When you are

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A Guide to the Best Drought-Resistant Perennials for Las Vegas Yards

Choosing the Best Drought-Resistant Perennials for Las Vegas Yards When choosing the best types of plants for a desert landscape, you’ll want ones of all shapes and sizes that are flowering and non-flowering for a variety of uses from ground cover and climbing or hanging vines to striking accents to shrubs and trees. Learn which

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing a Pergola in Your Backyard

The Pros and Cons of a Pergola Do you want to make your backyard look like those in your landscaping magazines? A pergola, or an open trellis type of patio cover, can be a great addition to your yard as it is currently very trendy and great to look at. You can really do a

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Desert Landscape

The Best Outdoor Furniture to Complement Your Desert Landscape You contemplated your options, crafted the perfect game plan, and now you've finished the desert landscape of your dreams. You might be asking, what's next? Well, to truly utilize and enjoy the space, you're going to need some outdoor furniture. However, not just any type of

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Tips for How to Properly Identify Plants that are Toxic to Pets

Plan Your Pet-Safe Outdoor Oasis Without Toxic Plants No matter if you're an avid gardener or if you simply want to make your yard presentable, protecting your pets should be your number-one priority. However, this can only be done if you know which plants are going to be toxic to pets. Therefore, we've compiled a

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4 Tips on How to Find Kid-Friendly Plants to Add to Your Yard

Selecting Kid-Friendly Plants for Your Yard Children are a curious and imaginative bunch. For them, a garden isn't something to admire rather something to run around and play in. This is why parents or anyone who has children over their home often should be aware of the type of plants they add. Therefore, the following

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Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

How to Care for Your Outdoor Fire Pit Your outdoor fire pit has been a great addition to your backyard space. You can now spend summer nights roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with your kids or having your friends gather around for a fun summer party night. Even in the winter, you have a nice

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Las Vegas Gardening: Three Scrumptious Foods You Can Grow Yourself

Las Vegas Gardening: 3 Vegetables You Can Grow Each Year Gardening is a great hobby to get involved in. Not only does it save you money on fresh produce, it's also great for both the environment and for your stress levels. Gardening can be calming and therapeutic, and it lets you consume organic produce without

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