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A Homeowner’s Guide to Deciding on the Best Home Feature: Hot Tub or Lap Pool?

Hot Tub or Lap Pool: Which Home Feature Is Best? Adding a new home feature is a fun way to spruce up your living space. Incorporating new features not only make your home more enjoyable for you and your family, but it can potentially increase the value of your home. Two popular features that homeowners

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Tips on How to Achieve Social Distancing Using Your Backyard Seating Design

Social Distancing Backyard Seating Design Ideas Social distancing is a must when there is a sudden disease outbreak. Here, you want to maintain a safe distance to contain the illness. And if you live in a full house, maintaining social distance at home can be tricky. Then what kind of a backyard seating design facilitates

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Find Out If a Solar Oven Is the Right Fit for Your Backyard Cooking

Backyard Cooking With a Solar Oven For many homeowners, getting a fire going to cook within their backyard is their time to relax and feed their family at the same time. However, all those chemicals and smoke can do some damage to the environment. Therefore, many environmentally conscious homeowners are aiming to reduce their carbon

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Five Suggested Gas Installations in Las Vegas

5 Places to Add Gas Installations to a Patio There are multiple ways to make an outdoor patio or a shared space an enjoyable platform for creative entertaining and social gatherings. These can include good use of such materials as brick, custom concrete or stone fireplaces or hardscaping, hardwood decks, stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture

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How to Implement Cute and Functional Balcony Design Ideas

Balcony Design Ideas For those living within an apartment, a balcony can often be the only way to get some fresh air and sun. Therefore, it is understandable that many would want to have a balcony that is not only functional but one that is comfortable as well. Therefore, here are some of the best

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Well-Designed Shared Neighborhood Spaces Offer Low-Maintenance Shaded Areas

Three Things to Consider When Designing Shared Neighborhood Spaces When you’re designing shared neighborhood spaces in Las Vegas, you want to plan a space that provides protection from the sun and the weather. You also don’t want a shelter that has to be closed frequently for maintenance. You would certainly rather spend money on adding

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3 Tips for Cooking the Best Pizza in Your Las Vegas Outdoor Pizza Oven

3 Outdoor Pizza Oven Tips for Scrumptious Pizza When you install an outdoor pizza oven, you are adding a component that many celebrity patios in Las Vegas are known for. These wood-fire outdoor ovens tend to deliver scrumptious pizza since this is how they were first cooked in Italy. To maximize the flavor of the

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How to Obtain the Backyard Remodel of Your Dreams on a Budget

Backyard Remodel on a Shoestring Budget One of the most common areas homeowners wish they could remodel is their backyard. Not only is this a place where they spend time with their family but somewhere they come to relax alone. However, most homeowners tend to believe that obtaining the backyard of their dreams is simply

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